Let Me Hold Your Breath ; Tal Gilboa and Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg


Tal and Liz

Tal Gilboa (Right) and  Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg

Tal Gilboa and Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg are currently exhibiting a fascinating collage lens-based media and sculpted images in Baxter St Camera Club of New York. The exhibition is curated by Zachary Lucero. The images at the exhibition are projected onto various objects such as magnifying lenses, plastics and translucent materials that reflect, refract and enhance light. They include different kinds of containing objects and situations, various rhythms of smooth, repetitive movement, female bodies dancing and moving in circles. The ongoing, circular movement of colorful images creates a sense of ongoing, constant unfolding of new shapes and structures. The viewer is interpolated into this womb-like medium of creation the minute she enters the gallery.  She is at the same time an outside viewer, tying together the different moving shapes and images her eye captures, making them into one whole, and a body moving in a space that inhabits constantly changing feminine forms.  The constant rhythm of breath that is never held, gives the constellations a sense of biological being and transformation. As the title suggests, the breath that can be held, or paused, by one person, is paradoxically held, or contained by another female person, thus turning being into a feminine act of containment. Alternatively, the word “hold” can also have erotic meaning, especially in a context of femino-erotic love.

For more works by Tal Gilboa and Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg go to talandliz.com








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